Das war die Bundesgartenschau 2007 in Gera
BUGA '07
"Hofwiesenpark Gera"
"Neue Landschaft Ronneburg"
Facts and figures
Event themes

From April to October, there’s not only a lot to see but also a lot to listen to. What’s on offer ranges from classical music to pop, from swing to rock. Enjoy the rhythm at BUGA’07.

Every month has a different theme
The BUGA year lasts 171 days. During this time, we’ll entertain you, for example, with a “May Dance”, holiday fun in July and, in September, we’re going to swing! We can’t wait to welcome you!

Weekend events
The large choral festival, the classical-cum-rock tones of the Vogtland Philharmonic, the Festival of Brass Band Music or a large “Mountain Parade” are just a few examples of a diverse BUGA schedule that specifically targets a broad public at the weekends.

Day events
We hold themed events on three days of the week. Tuesdays is our gardening day, with information all about horticulture. Every Wednesday and at the weekends, regional clubs showcase their activities. And Thursdays is sports day – when we welcome Thuringian sports clubs to the BUGA

Children and family programme
Children are warmly welcomed to the BUGA every day – the weekends, in particular, are family days. Masses of children’s events, such as the kite-flying festival or the holiday party, invite you all to join in. The “Grüne Klasse!” (Green Class!) offers a high-quality environmental education programme regarding BUGA’07. The courses that last about two hours (2 x 45 mins) will be eventful and practical, and will be held on weekdays at various sites at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. School and kindergarten classes must register in advance. In addition, there will be more in-depth courses as part of a project day of 4 x 45 minutes. The “Green Class!” will be held at various sites in the “New Landscape Ronneburg” but also in Gera Hofwiesenpark. It will take the various spectacular exhibition areas of the Gera and Ronneburg Federal Garden Show as a basis and develop them into a lively place of learning and experience.
(Exact dates to follow)

State, regional and municipal days
A time to make friends in Thuringia. Regional and international guests enrich the BUGA’07 programme. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the intercultural programmes created by the twin towns of Fort Wayne (USA), Arnhem (The Netherlands) or Kuopio (Finland).

Event venues
The dimensions of Neue Landschaft Ronneburg are extraordinary.
The “event meadow” on the "Ronneburg Balcony" forms the focal point of the BUGA. It can hold around 5,000 visitors. The stage area is partially covered by a marquee.

About 300 visitors can enjoy the magnificent panoramic view while sitting on the natural terraced seats in The Natural and Landscape Theatre on Kirschberg mountain. Cabaret acts, theatre and music are all on the agenda.

The Discovery Tower offers a phenomenal view. Groups can reach the top via an outside staircase. Those with more experience can challenge themselves with various climbing routes – after registering first. This offer is targeted at school groups in particular.

Temporary activity areas are available for various events across the whole exhibition site.

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