Das war die Bundesgartenschau 2007 in Gera
BUGA '07
"Hofwiesenpark Gera"
"Neue Landschaft Ronneburg"
Facts and figures
Facts and figures

27 April to 14 October

Exhibition space
More than 75 hectares

Exhibition areas
Gera Hofwiesenpark: approx. 30 hectares of exhibition space
Neue Landschaft Ronneburg: approx. 45 hectares of exhibition space

a lot of planning agencies and engineering companies as well as
numerous other companies from Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, Berlin, Baden-Württemberg

Earth masses moved
total: approx. 920,000 cubic metres
Gera Hofwiesenpark: approx. 70,000 cubic metres
Neue Landschaft Ronneburg: approx. 850,000 cubic metres

Trees planted
Gera Hofwiesenpark: approx. 430 deciduous trees
Neue Landschaft Ronneburg: approx. 1,000 deciduous/non-deciduous trees, 148 fruit trees, approx. 4,960 reforestation trees

Gera Hofwiesenpark: approx. 60,000 plants
Neue Landschaft Ronneburg: approx. 50,000 plant

Horticultural and structural highlights

Neue Landschaft Ronneburg

Large Arboretum
tree collection with specimens from the northern hemisphere,
area: 50,000 sq m, approx. 410 trees

Lichtenberger Kanten
3 terraces, approx. 1km long, 187 common oaks

Rose Garden
10,000 floribunda with 261 varieties, 70 of them new;
accompanying plants: 1,500 Genista (broom, gorse), 12,700 shrub willows, 17,000 ground-cover roses, 2,300 bush roses

Small Worlds
horticultural/architectural representation of 12 characteristic landscapes of Thuringia, total area: 7,776 sq m

Discovery Tower
23m high viewing and climbing tower, copy of a bismuth pit head frame, 8 climbing routes of various alpine degrees of difficulty – also with overhang, viewing platform at 20 metres.

Gera Hofwiesenpark

Play Oval
approx. 5,000 sq m; play equipment designers transform the ideas of Gera schoolchildren regarding the “Giant Bird World“ into reality; the playground is designed to invite children to play, to highlight nature and stimulate the senses.

Activity Oval
18,000 sq m, with up to approx. 2,000 seats

Partnership Gardens
Gera’s 12 twin towns will be presenting themselves with a small garden area,
total area: 1,200 sq m
Arnhem (The Netherlands), Fort Wayne (USA), Gorazde (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Kuopio (Finland), Nuremberg (Germany), Plzen (Czech Republic), Pskow (Russia), Rostov-on-Don (Russia), Saint-Denis (France), Skierniewice (Poland), Sliven (Bulgaria), Timisoara (Romania)

Flower Parade
approx. 500m long ribbon of flowers from the main entrance to the hall displays, with seasonally changing array of flowers.

Perennial plants
approx. 7,000 sq m, subdivided according to themes, amongst them an iris garden that can once again be seen at a BUGA after a long absence.

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