Das war die Bundesgartenschau 2007 in Gera
BUGA '07
"Hofwiesenpark Gera"
"Neue Landschaft Ronneburg"
Facts and figures
"Hofwiesenpark Gera"
300,000 sq m of pure relaxation – Gera Hofwiesenpark

The ever-changing sea of flowers in the Flower Hall is the main attraction of every BUGA. Whether it’s ikebana, a flower show or "Viva Balkonia", a tribute to the balcony – this is where we will inspire visitors with ideas for their gardening at home.

The 500m long Flower Parade invites you to stroll along it. From spring to autumn, the colours, scents and charms of the fields of blooms will constantly change – every season is worth a visit.

The generous Perennial Beds form colourful highlights. Over 60,000 perennials blossom throughout the whole BUGA year. They are subdivided into themes rich in variety: warm tones dominate the bedding plants, combined with various grasses. From yellow to orange, red to blue, the iris garden blooms with 200 species and varieties. And then there are the shade-loving shrubs and "sun worshippers" – perennials for sunny spots. A true festival of colours.

The baroque Kitchen Garden is an inner-city park with an orangery, fountain and avenue. New plantings complement the old trees. Magnificent roses take centre stage as a display theme in combination with boxwood and shrubs.

The Jahr Villa will entice you with its historical park and gorgeous water cascade. This is where the exhibitors will put on displays on the theme of “Grave plants and memorials” – an audience magnet at every BUGA – as well as a rhododendron display.

The "Spieloval" (Play Area) with its “Giant Bird World”. Pipe maze, climbing wall and slide, climbing towers and play corners provide an imaginative environment for adventurers and explorers, both large and small. Lots of space to move about in and endless opportunities for playing, for pirate deeds, knightly fun and games of hide-and-seek.

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