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"Neue Landschaft Ronneburg"
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"Neue Landschaft Ronneburg"
Beautiful views of Neue Landschaft Ronneburg

 “New Landscape Ronneburg”, with its modelling and plant highlights, represents a masterpiece of modern landscape architecture.

The Large Arboretum is a unique tree garden. With about 400 trees and 56 tree species, it displays the whole variety of the flora in the northern hemisphere.

The  Thuringia Worlds in the Large Arboretum present various landscape themes. This is where landscape architects from Thuringia make their garden ideas come to life. A looped path will link the Small Words and the Large Arboretum.

The Ronneburg Balcony forms a new urban boundary between Ronneburg and the open countryside. With a manor, “event meadow”, discovery tower, tree groves, the “New Barn” and the rose garden, it is an ideal place to linger in. The "Ronneburg Balcony" allows you to enjoy a view that stretches far across the landscape.

The "Wechselflor" – or ever-changing array of flowers – with its multifarious nuances of colour is located right near the entrance area. The flower meadow will be in bloom the whole year through – changing according to the season – an eye-opener, delicate in spring, lush in the autumn.

The generous Perennial Wildflower Beds illustrate a contemporary, low-maintenance planting concept with a continuous flowering cycle that follows the seasons. An attractive interplay of form and colour.

The Wild Groves, whether as a dense flowering hedgerow or protective forest fringe, will provide visitors with interesting information about nature – and also act as a feeding and nesting place for animals.

The New Barn houses the “Bismuth Exhibition“. This is where the visitor can enjoy a graphic information display regarding the historical ore mine industry, the clean-up activities of Wismut GmbH, and the renaturisation and revitalisation of the region.

With 10,000 floribunda and the rose-covered pavilion, the Rose Garden is probably the most romantic place of the entire “New Landscape”. Bordered by mature oaks and the manor, it is an oasis of peace.

From the "Ronneburg Balcony" right over to Kirschberg mountain, the Adventure Bridge spans the “New Valley”. With a length of 230m and 25m above the valley floor, it is one of Europe’s longest wooden bridges.

In tribute to the former ore mining industry, the severely geometric shapes of the 1km long and 24m high terrace called the "Lichtenberger Kanten" stands in dynamic contrast to the pleasing undulation of the terrain of the man-made landscape that has been sculpted over the centuries.

Four play areas have been designed according to the motto of “Playing with the Elements”. Apart from the theme of earth, fire, water and air, there’s also a dexterity area to meet the needs of the small BUGA visitors.

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